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Saudi Arabia bribes their way off UN blacklist of child killers

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  • Saudi Arabia bribes their way off UN blacklist of child killers

    Saudi Arabia bribes their way off UN blacklist of child killers

    By Leith Fadel - 10/06/2016

    U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, admitted on Thursday that the Saudi-led Coalition that is currently bombing Yemen was removed from the blacklist of child killers after the Gulf nation threatened to withdraw their funding from several U.N. sponsored NGOs.

    Ban Ki-moon issued this statement just three days after it was announced that Saudi Arabia would be removed from the U.N. blacklist.

    Saudi Arabia was placed on the U.N.’s “Children and Armed Conflict Report” as a “party that kills or maims children” and “engages in attacks against schools and hospitals.”

    The report also attributed 60 percent of the Yemeni child casualties to the Saudi-led Coalition’s airstrikes.

    In response to these allegations, the Saudi Ambassador to the U.N., ‘Abdullah Al-Mou’allami, defended his country and stated that “we did not use threats, but such listings would obviously have an impact on our relations with the U.N.”

    The Saudi delegation has refused to meet with the U.N. Secretary General, claiming that this change in the U.N. blacklist was “final.”

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    Thanks for posting this; good thing this forum isn't dead or spam ridden. Maybe the Yemen mess will lead to internal opposition to the Saudi regime. Of course it has always resorted to bribery to minimize internal opposition too....


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      I heard that the Saudi government threatened to withdraw its funding for UN refugee relief if it wasn't removed from the list. The success of its threat to withdraw investments in the US seems to have encouraged it.


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        Saudi Arabia invites UN team over child abuse blacklist

        Wed Jun 15, 2016

        Saudi Arabia has invited a UN team to Riyadh for talks after pressuring the world body into dropping the kingdom from a blacklist of children's rights violators.

        Saudi UN Ambassador Abdullah al-Mouallimi extended the formal invitation in a letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon last week, the UN said.

        “We’re studying it. We obviously remain interested in what information the Saudi-led coalition could provide us,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said.

        Both Saudi Arabia and the UN drew international criticism after Ban acknowledged that he had expunged Riyadh from the blacklist under "undue pressure."

        The UN has said the removal was temporary, pending consultations between the two sides to review a United Nations report on deaths of Yemeni children in Saudi airstrikes.

        Dujarric said “our preference” would be to hold meetings at UN headquarters in New York.

        The UN report, published on June 3, said Saudi Arabia was responsible for 60% of child casualties in Yemen last year, during which it killed 510 children and injured 667 others.

        Ban said he decided to temporarily take Saudi Arabia off the blacklist after the kingdom and its allies threatened to cut off funding to UN humanitarian programs.

        The Saudi ambassador to the UN declared that the changes were “final and unconditional” and that Riyadh had been “vindicated.”

        The announcement sparked international outcry and 20 prominent human rights groups urged the UN chief to put Riyadh back on the blacklist.

        In a letter, signed by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Oxfam among others, the rights groups accused Ban of giving in to “political manipulation” by the oil-rich kingdom.


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