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Egypt delays anti-Israel vote follwing Trump’s phone call

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  • Egypt delays anti-Israel vote follwing Trump’s phone call

    Egypt delays anti-Israel vote follwing Trump’s phone call

    Fri Dec 23, 2016

    Cairo says it agreed to delay a UN Security Council resolution it has drafted against illegal Israeli settlements after US president-elect Donald Trump called the Egyptian leader to make Washington’s opposition clear.

    “The phone call touched on the draft resolution before the United Nations Security Council on Israeli settlements,” a statement from Sisi's office said on Friday.

    “The two leaders agreed on the importance of giving the new administration a chance to deal comprehensively with all the aspects of the Palestinian cause to achieve a comprehensive settlement,” it said.

    On Thursday, the Security Council was to vote on the Cairo-proposed resolution, which would call on the regime in Israel to stop its settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian lands.

    However, Cairo abruptly requested for the voting session to be postponed after Tel Aviv went on a last-ditch lobbying campaign against the resolution.

    Reuters quoted two Western officials as saying that the outgoing US administration intended to allow the 15-nation council to approve the resolution, prompting the Tel Aviv regime to reach out to Trump.

    Trump, meanwhile, minced no words in divulging the American UN mission’s plans in case of a vote. “The resolution being considered at the United Nations Security Council regarding Israel should be vetoed,” he said in a statement.

    Amid Egypt’s dawdling, New Zealand, Venezuelan, Malaysian, and Senegalese missions to the UN gave Cairo an ultimatum on the issues.

    They sent a note to their Egyptian counterpart, saying if Cairo did not clarify whether it would call the vote by midnight, the deadline for the call, they might resort to their right to table the draft.

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