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'US apoplectic as Turkey pivots eastward'

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  • 'US apoplectic as Turkey pivots eastward'

    'US apoplectic as Turkey pivots eastward'

    Published time: 19 Aug, 2016 13:15
    Edited time: 19 Aug, 2016 13:40

    Turkish President Erdogan has given up on NATO and the EU, and is pivoting toward the East, says ex-Pentagon official Michael Maloof. As Ankara and Moscow discuss military ties, this offers an intriguing new opportunity for regional cooperation.

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, in an interview with Sputnik news agency, said that Ankara is considering military cooperation with Russia as NATO seems to be shying away from relations with Turkey.

    RT: Turkey is a major member of NATO and yet the country's foreign minister says the alliance is backing away, effectively forcing them to turn to Russia. What's your take on the situation?

    Michael Maloof: It is a very dynamic situation. I think Turkish President Erdogan basically has given up on NATO and even on the EU – is pivoting more towards the East at this point. For Turkey and Russia now to begin to talk as they are – particularly in terms of military alliances – this offers a whole new opportunity for not only bilateral cooperation, but also regional cooperation in a very intriguing sense. Turkey is also what they call a dialogue partner of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [SCO], in which Russia, China and even Iran are all involved. What is evolving here is that Russia sees Turkey’s assistance in containing and controlling the Sunnis, and the Jihadi Sunnis in Syria, but also in becoming a regional influence in that part of the world. And while Turkey and Iran are also talking, this could portend a potential for some Sunni –Shia settlement.

    This is just at the beginning stage. Washington is apoplectic about this. Although they won’t admit it publically, but I think they are very concerned about it. This is going to show that… Erdogan and President Putin have begun to look eastward. The SCO offers this great opportunity, especially now with China coming into the mix and wanting to be involved in the Syria resolution. And they are going to do more military training for the Syrian government. So this is a whole new dynamic that caught Washington off-guard.


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    What an amazing shift after the terrible relations following the downing of the Russian jet! Will Turkey now give up on the Syrian rebels? I heard it is improving relations with Iran, and China may help Syria. It seems things are finally beginning to look up a bit.


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