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  • Hello from Kermanshah

    First of all, sorry to Behrooz and Gonjeeshk, you send me messages quite a long time ago but I was really busy and don't really use my e-mail actually, so I kind of forgot about it and I had some other things going on. And yes I am alive and well, I was just not very sure if I wanted to continue posting like on the other forum,s

    But anyway, I'm here now. Maybe a bit late... I see a lot of members from the other forum signed up here. That is good news. I hope to see you guys here more often. We can start working to make this place more active.

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    It was a real pitty what happend to the other site. It just seemed to completely disappear.


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      Nice to see you here!


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        This is a pleasant surprise.

        Welcome Kermanshahi. It's great to have you here. There is already a thread to welcome you, here http://www.middleeastdefence.net/for...-where-are-you With you here, we can make this forum great. Thanks.


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          wow thats a good surprise WCB bro


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            welcome to the forum...
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