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How's everyone doing?

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  • How's everyone doing?

    It's been quiet lately. I've been off the boards for a few months.
    I have a little brother who has been in hospital for a few months with a serious condition. I've been spending my evenings at his bedside after work. AlhamduLillah, he is doing a lot better now, came home this weekend on day passes, and possibly released later this week.

    In the middle of all this stress, my niece got married. Her dad, (my older brother), is not part of the picture, so it was me who married my niece to her fiance.
    It's been a little on the busy side, but that's all behind us now.

    Now, glad to be back on the boards full time. Look forward to more engaging conversations.

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    Welcome back, Abu. I was wondering what everyone else was doing.

    It sounds like you've had a lot going. My sympathies to your brother and my congratulations to your niece. I'm still enthusiastic about this forum.

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